24 marca 2024 / March 24th, 2024


New Balance High Five Race 2024 Regulations

  1. Organizer
    1. The organizer of the New Balance High Five Race 2024 is the „Marathon Warsaw” Foundation; Brylantowa Street 15, 05-077 Warsaw, NIP 9521913280, REGON 015438288.
    2. Contact with the organizer is possible by phone: (+48) 503-860-516 and (+48 22) 266 21 00 (note, this number does not work on 24-27.03.2022), by email: info@maratonwarszawski.com or by mail: Marathon Warsaw Foundation, Grochowska Street 8c, 04-217 Warsaw
  2. Date and place
    1. The run will take place on March 24, 2024, in Warsaw.
    2. The race will start at 10:00  9:30*. The start line will be closed approximately 5 minutes after the starter’s shot.
    3. Length of the route: 5 km. The route has PZLA and World Athletics certification. Note! The route does not meet the World Athletics criterion regarding the difference in altitude above sea level between the start and finish lines, which is significant for registering significant sports achievements.
    4. The exact route of the race will be announced on the website polmaratonwarszawski.com. The Organizer reserves the right to change the route, informing the Participants by posting a new route on the website www.polmaratonwarszawski.com. Such a change does not result in any additional claims or obligations.
    5. The route will be marked with vertical and horizontal signs every 1 kilometer.
    6. The Organizer reserves the right to change the start time, informing the Participants by posting relevant information on the website polmaratonwarszawski.com. Such a change does not result in any additional claims or obligations.
  3. Time limit
    1. Participants are subject to a time limit of 45 minutes, counted from the starter’s shot for a given wave.
    2. Participants who do not complete the race within the specified time limit are obliged to stop the race and leave the route.
    3. Participants remaining on the route after the specified time limit do so at their own risk and responsibility, in accordance with the road traffic regulations and the Civil Code.
  4. Participation
    1. The right to participate in the race is granted to individuals who will turn 15 by March 24, 2024 (born before March 25, 2009),
    2. Possibility of participation for individuals who will turn 13 by March 24, 2024 (born before March 25, 2011) upon presentation of a medical certificate allowing participation in the race.
    3. All race participants must be verified at the Race Office. Verification can be done:
      1. in person – based on a photo ID
      2. by an authorized person – based on a signed participant card (available for download from the website approximately two weeks before the race) and a photo or photocopy of the participant’s ID.

Race Office Address: Palace of Culture and Science (entrance from Marszałkowska Street), Defilad Square 1, 00-901 Warsaw

Race Office Hours:
March 22, 2024 (Friday) – 14:00 – 20:00
March 23, 2024 (Saturday) – 10:00 – 20:00
Note! On the day of the race, the Race Office will not be open.

  1. Every minor participant of the race, at the time of receiving the race pack, must present an ID document (we accept a student ID card) and a „Declaration of Parent or Legal Guardian about the child’s ability to participate in recreational-sports activities” signed by a parent or legal guardian. The aforementioned document is part of the Start Card (available in the Runner’s Panel). Failure to present the above document prevents proper verification at the Race Office, and thus participation in the race.
  2. If a parent or authorized person reports to collect the race pack for a minor, they must present a start card signed by the Runner and a declaration from the Parent or Guardian mentioned in point 3, as well as a photo or photocopy of the Runner’s ID.
  3. At the Race Office, participants receive race packs containing, among other things: a start number, a chip for time measurement, pins, and a commemorative T-shirt (according to the chosen start pack option). T-shirts at the Race Office will be issued according to the earlier declaration. The size of the T-shirt should be selected in the registration form. Changing the size of the T-shirt is possible by editing the registration form, but no later than March 14, 2024. The pool of T-shirts in a given size is limited, and the organizer does not guarantee its availability at all times.
  4. Race packs not collected at the Race Office will not be sent or issued at a later date.
  5. During the race, all participants must have their race numbers attached horizontally to the front of the T-shirt (or sweatshirt or jacket). The start number must be visible throughout the race, covering the number (in whole or in part, during any part of the race) or its modification is prohibited under penalty of disqualification. Participants are also required to correctly install the chip for time measurement (according to the instructions).
  6. The Organizer allows the participation of wheelchair athletes with direct drive. These athletes, after filling out the registration form in which they express their desire to start in a wheelchair, should send a scan of a document confirming disability to info@maratonwarszawski.com – this is a condition for granting a 50% discount on the registration fee (package without a T-shirt). The Organizer does not allow wheelchair athletes to start with: intermediate drive (e.g., hand-bike) and rim-push type.
  7. Race participants are subject to PZLA, World Athletics regulations, and these regulations.
  8. In accordance with the PZLA guidelines, participants representing Russia and Belarus are excluded from participating in the New Balance High Five Race. An exception is made for participants of Belarusian nationality who permanently reside in Poland and send a scan of the DECLARATION to the address info@maratonwarszawski.com. These athletes compete without representing any country.
  9. The Organizer provides medical support at the start, along the route, and at the finish during the race.
  1. Registrations
    1. Registrations are accepted through the registration form available on the websites: polmaratonwarszawski.com and https://rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com/.
    2. The registration is considered complete if the following conditions are met: the registration form is filled out, and the registration fee is paid.
    3. To participate in the New Balance High Five Race, you can register by choosing one of two paths:
      1. traditional – by filling out the registration form available on the event website and paying the standard registration fee.
      2. charitable – by participating in the #BiegamDobrze campaign, regulated by a separate regulation.
    4. Online registrations will be closed on March 23, 2024. Signing up for the race will also be possible in person at the Race Office 11. New Balance High Five Race, with the reservation that the total pool of start numbers for people registering after March 21, 2024, and available at the Race Office is 200.
    5. The participant limit for the New Balance High Five Race is 5,000 people. The Organizer reserves the right to change this limit.
    6. The Organizer reserves the right to close registrations earlier in case the participant limits indicated in point V.5 are exhausted.
  2. Race Pack Shipping
    1. Participants of the New Balance High Five Race can opt for the Race Pack Shipping option.
    2. The Race Pack Shipping consists of sending, via courier company, a package containing the Race Pack (start number, chip for time measurement, pins, and commemorative T-shirt – according to the chosen start pack option) to the address indicated by the Participant, according to the rules specified in the regulations of the national transport and postal services company.
    3. Race Pack Shipping is only available within the territory of Poland.
    4. Race Pack Shipping includes sending the start number with a time measurement chip, pins, and optionally a commemorative T-shirt (according to the chosen start pack option). Gadgets from sponsors are not part of the package shipment – they are only issued at the Race Office during the personal collection of the race pack.
    5. Race Pack Shipping is an additional paid option.
    6. Ordering and paying for the Race Pack Shipping option is possible until March 4, 2024.
    7. The condition for the Race Pack Shipping is to have a start number (assigned after the registration fee is paid) no later than March 4, 2024, and to send a clear scan or photo of the signed Start Card to the address wysylka@maratonwarszawski.com. The deadline for sending the aforementioned documents is March 7, 2024. In case of failure to deliver the required documents, the race pack can be collected at the Race Office under standard conditions, and the shipping fee will not be refunded.
    8. Shipments will be made approximately two weeks before the Race. In case of non-receipt of the shipment by March 19, 2024, the Participant should report this fact to the Organizer at the address wysylka@maratonwarszawski.com.
    9. Participants using the shipping option are not required to verify at the Race Office.

VII. Fees

  1. Each participant of the New Balance High Five Race bears the cost of the registration fee. The registration fee consists of the race pack (point IV.6 of the Regulations), as well as the player’s service before, during, and after the race, the rental and/or purchase of infrastructure necessary for the organization of the race, as well as the maintenance of the online registration website and the event’s website. The registration fee rates for foreigners are:

the first 500 people or until January 31, 2024 (in case the limit of 500 people is not reached earlier)

20 euro

after the limit of 500 people is reached or from February 1, 2024

23 euro

from March 1, 2024, to March 23, 2024

25 euro

from March 24, 2024 (also at the Race Office).

30 euro



T-shirt fee

New Balance T-shirt

20 euro

  1. The pool of New Balance technical shirts is limited. If a participant selected a New Balance technical shirt in the registration form, did not pay the registration fee within 7 days of submitting the registration, and the stock of available shirts is low, the Organizer reserves the right to remove the chosen (unpaid) shirt from the registration, informing the participant via email. Individuals who paid the registration fee after March 17, 2024, and did not receive confirmation of their start number assignment must present proof of payment at the race office.
  2. If the registration fee is paid in an insufficient amount (e.g., due to exceeding the payment deadline specified in this regulation), the participant is obligated to pay the difference to the amount they were supposed to pay according to the deadline of their last payment.
  3. The Organizer grants a 50% discount on the basic registration fee (package without a shirt) to participants using wheelchairs, provided that they send a scan of a document confirming their disability to info@maratonwarszawski.com.
  4. The registration fee can be paid online (from the registration profile) via the website https://www.payu.pl/.
    PayU S.A. is responsible for processing and ensuring the security of online payments; ul. Grunwaldzka 182, 60-166 Poznań, NIP 7792308495, REGON 300523444, a national payment institution supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, registered in the Register of Payment Services under the number IP1/2012. PayU Terms and Conditions.
  5. The proof of payment is the appearance of the participant’s start number next to their name on the start list on the website polmaratonwarszawski.com. If the start number does not appear after 7 days, the participant is obliged to contact the organizer by phone: (+48) 503-860-516 or by email: info@maratonwarszawski.com.
  6. The organizer is not responsible for the loss of registration or transfer due to the fault of the post office or bank.
  7. According to Article 38 point 12 of the Consumer Rights Act, participants who are consumers within the meaning of Article 22 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code do not have the right to withdraw from the contract.
  8. The fee once paid is non-refundable, non-transferable to another person, non-transferable to another race in the future, or exchangeable for a voucher. An exception is when a participant selects and pays for the ‚Refund Option’ during registration. The cost of this service is 25 PLN and is non-refundable.
  9. In the event of purchasing the Option mentioned in point 9, the Participant acquires the possibility to withdraw from the Race without giving a reason and receive a 100% refund of the entry fee paid, including for any additional options chosen, provided that the intention to withdraw from the Race is reported by no later than March 20, 2024 (for those picking up the race kit at the Race Office) or March 7, 2024 (for those opting for the race kit delivery).
  10. The withdrawal, as mentioned in point VII.11, should be executed by logging into the participant’s account on the website rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com and selecting the ‚I resign from the race’ button in the YOUR RACES tab.
  11. The participant who withdraws from the race will receive a 100% refund of the registration fee and any additional services purchased (excluding the Withdrawal Fee) within 21 days using the same payment method as the fee was originally paid.
  12. The refund mentioned in point 11 does not apply to fees paid using a ‚promotional code’.
  13. Individuals who wish to receive an invoice for the paid registration fee should select the appropriate option in the registration form and provide the required information necessary for issuing the document. The invoice will be automatically generated upon receipt of payment and made available for download from the participant’s profile within 15 days of the following month after the payment was made. In accordance with tax regulations, due to payment being made before the service is provided, an advance invoice covering the full amount of the paid fee will be issued. Therefore, the advance invoice also serves as the final invoice. By selecting the Invoice option, the Participant agrees to receive/obtain invoices without the recipient’s signature, in electronic form. This consent does not exclude the Organizer’s right to issue and send invoices in paper form.
  14. To receive a Pro-Forma invoice, please send the following information: invoice details, the number and list of participants (with registration numbers), along with information about the selected start package option to ksiegowosc@maratonwarszawski.com. Pro-Forma invoices are issued for a minimum of two participants (it is not possible to receive a Pro-Forma for the start of a single person).
  1. Deposits, refreshment points
    1. Participants will receive a bag with a sticker in their race packet, enabling them to deposit their belongings in a specially designated area. The bag can only be collected upon presentation of the race number. In the event of a participant losing their race number, the Organizer is not responsible for someone else collecting the bag. Note: it is prohibited to leave valuables or documents in the deposit.
    2. Before the race, participants will have access to changing rooms. After the race, participants will also have access to changing rooms.
    3. All race participants receive water at the finish line.
  2. Refreshment points and checkpoints 
    1. On the race route, there will be timing checkpoints.
    2. The staff at the timing checkpoints will record the race numbers of participants who deviate from the route. Participants who shorten or change the route will be disqualified.
  3. Classification and Results
    1. During the New Balance High Five Race, the following classifications will be conducted:
      1. Overall Classification
      2. Overall Women’s / Men’s Classification
      3. Classification of wheelchair athletes (these athletes are excluded from other classifications)
    2. The basis of classification is electronic timing. There will be checkpoint mats along the course that record the participant’s presence at each point. Failure to register the participant’s presence at a checkpoint may result in disqualification.
    3. The overall classification is based on actual times (net times – measured from crossing the start line). An exception is made for the first 50 individuals crossing the finish line – they are classified based on official times (gross times – from the starter’s shot), with the provision that if among the first 50 finishers there are fewer than 3 men and 3 women, the number of individuals classified in this manner will be increased accordingly.
    4. In the final race results, each participant receives information about both gross and net times.
    5. The unofficial race results will be posted on the polmaratonwarszawski.com website immediately after the race.
    6. Written protests regarding the results will be accepted until March 26, 2024, at 6:00 PM CET at the email address info@maratonwarszawski.com. Protests will be reviewed within 96 hours, and the final official results will be published no later than April 8, 2024.
    7. The certificate of completion for the New Balance High Five Race will be available for self-printing on the website polmaratonwarszawski.com no later than 21 days after the event.
    8. The organizer reserves the right to introduce additional classifications.
  4. Prizes
    1. All participants who complete the New Balance Five-Kilometer Run receive commemorative medals at the finish line.
    2. The winners of first through third place in the overall classifications for both women and men will receive commemorative trophies.
    3. The organizer reserves the right to sponsor additional cash and in-kind prizes in selected categories and classifications of their choice.
  5. Personal data protection
    1. The personal data of participants will be processed in accordance with applicable regulations, in particular with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).
    2. The processing of data referred to in point XI. 1. also includes the publication of: first name, last name, year of birth, name of the locality, and name of the club.
    3. Detailed information regarding the processing of personal data is included in Attachment No. 1 to this regulation.
  6. Final provisions
    1. Remaining on the New Balance High Five Race route without a valid bib number is not allowed. Individuals without a valid bib number will be removed from the route by event staff. Specifically, it is prohibited to travel on the race route using bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, other mechanical devices, and baby strollers (without valid permission issued by the Organizer). The use of Nordic walking poles and running with a dog is also prohibited. Only vehicles of the organizer (bicycles, motorcycles, cars) with a valid pass issued by the Organizer may be present on the route.
    2. To obtain individual consent to participate with a baby stroller, the Participant should send a scan of the DECLARATION to the address info@maratonwarszawski.com and deliver its original copy to the Race Office during the race packet pick-up.
    3. During the race, participants must adhere to the instructions issued by safety personnel, security services, and other individuals designated by the Organizer. Failure to comply with instructions may result in disqualification.
    4. The Organizer provides each participant with personal accident insurance for the duration of the race.
    5. Each participant is required to sign a declaration confirming familiarity with the regulations. By signing the aforementioned declaration, the participant consents to receiving first aid, performing other medical procedures, and transporting the injured party to a safe location by medical and paramedical personnel acting on behalf of the organizer.
    6. The participant declares that they are fit to participate in the race, no health reasons are known to them that would exclude them from participating in the race, and they participate at their own risk. They acknowledge that participation in the race involves physical exertion and entails inherent risks of accidents, bodily injury, physical trauma (including death), as well as property damage and losses. Additionally, participation in the event may involve other, currently unforeseeable, risk factors. Signing the declaration of familiarity with the regulations signifies that the participant has considered and evaluated the extent and nature of the risks associated with participating in the race, and they are voluntarily participating solely at their own risk. Decisions made by medical personnel regarding the continuation of the race during the event are final and irreversible.
    7. After the race, random doping controls will be conducted, and the participant designated by the Commission must absolutely submit to them.
    8. By registering to participate in the competition, the participant accepts this regulation and agrees to the free use of their image captured in the form of photographs or video recordings. The participant also grants the Organizer a royalty-free license to use their image in all fields of exploitation, including: recording and dissemination in any form, storing in a computer memory, use for promotion and organization of events by the „Warsaw Marathon” Foundation, sharing with sponsors and partners of the 11th New Balance High Five Race for promotional purposes related to their participation in the event, inclusion and publication in publications of the „Warsaw Marathon” Foundation, on promotional materials printed by the Organizer, in the press, on websites, and in television and radio broadcasts.
    9. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the race or interrupt it without giving reasons.
    10. Placing advertising materials on race infrastructure elements (e.g., fences, gates, etc.) is the exclusive right of the Organizer and is reserved specifically for official sponsors/partners of the race. It is prohibited to place any advertising media on the race route or in the areas used for race organization (e.g., finish line area, race village) without the Organizer’s consent.
    11. The binding and final interpretation of this regulation is solely the prerogative of the Organizer of the New Balance High Five Race. Matters not covered in the Regulation are resolved by the Organizer. If any provision of the Regulation is deemed partially or wholly invalid or unenforceable, all other provisions (wholly or partially) remain valid.
    12. Participants of the race and individuals present at the event are prohibited from engaging in behavior inciting violence or displaying symbols encouraging aggression or supporting military actions. Persons violating this prohibition will be removed from the race route and event premises.

Attachment No. 1 to
Regulations of the New Balance High Five Race 2024

GDPR Information Clause


Who is the administrator of your personal data?

The administrator of your personal data is the „Warsaw Marathon” Foundation with its registered office in Warsaw, at 15 Brylantowa Street, 05-077 Warsaw (Tax Identification Number: 9521913280, National Official Business Register Number: 015438288, National Court Register Number: 0000152754). You can contact the data administrator at the following email address: info@maratonwarszawski.com.


For what purpose and on what basis are your personal data processed?

  1. Rendering electronic services:
    • Execution of the contract – meaning your participation in the race
  2. Execution of the contract – meaning your participation in the race:
    • Your participation in the races for which you register through the registration.maratonwarszawski.com website (preparation of the race packet, insurance, result processing, award issuance, etc.)
    • publishing publicly available start lists and results
    • providing payment services
    • sending organizational information (email / SMS) about the races for which you register through the registration.maratonwarszawski.com website
    • handling registrations and correspondence directed to us by you
    • contacting you
    • facilitating contact with a charitable organization supported by you (in case of charitable registration #BiegamDobrze)
  3. fulfillment of legal obligations incumbent on the „Warsaw Marathon” Foundation
    • for tax and accounting purposes
  4. for purposes arising from the legitimate interests pursued by the „Warsaw Marathon” Foundation
    • conducting direct marketing of products and services
    • handling registrations and correspondence directed to us by you
    • contacting you
    • preventing fraud and abuse
  5. based on your consent provided:
    • sending marketing information (email / SMS)


Do you need to provide personal data?

Providing personal data is necessary both for your participation in the race and for managing your account on the registration.maratonwarszawski.com website.

Failure to provide personal data makes it impossible to conclude a contract and participate in the race.

How long will your personal data be processed?

Your data will be processed for the duration of using the registration.maratonwarszawski.com website and participating in the races for which you register through the Website.

After this period, your data will continue to be stored for purposes arising from legal provisions (especially tax and accounting), as well as for fraud prevention and abuse prevention, and pursuing any claims arising from the concluded contract.

Some of your data (especially those contained in race results) may also be processed after this deadline for statistical and archival purposes.

Who will be the recipient of personal data?

Your personal data will be disclosed to employees, associates, and subcontractors of the Administrator to the extent necessary for the implementation of the aforementioned purposes of personal data processing.

Start lists and results containing basic personal data will be publicly available, including being published on the race website.

What rights do you have regarding the processing of your personal data?

You have the right to request: access to your personal data, their rectification, their deletion, and limitation of their processing. You also have the right to object to their processing and to data portability.

Additionally, with regard to processing based on your consent – you have the right to withdraw it at any time.

To whom can you lodge a complaint about the processing of your personal data?

You can lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority: President of the Personal Data Protection Office, ul. Stawki 2, 00-193 Warsaw.

Terms of the „Biegam Dobrze” campaign

1. The participant, when registering for the race, is obliged to choose one of the possible registration paths:

a. Traditional – by completing the registration form available on the event’s website and paying the registration fee as required by the regulations.

b. Charitable – by participating in the #BiegamDobrze campaign, regulated by this regulation.

2. To participate in the #BiegamDobrze campaign, you need to:

a. In the race registration form, select the „charitable path”.

b. Choose a charitable goal to which the collected funds will be allocated. You can select from among 10 available charitable organizations:: „Rak’n’Roll – Wygraj Życie” Foundation, Amnesty International Association, Dajemy Dzieciom Siłę Foundation, Synapsis Foundation, „Wcześniak Rodzice Rodzicom” Foundation, Spartanie Dzieciom Foundation, Polish Humanitarian Action, „Na Ratunek Dzieciom z Chorobą Nowotworową” Foundation, DKMS Foundation, Twarze Depresji Foundation.

c. complete the required data on the fundraising profile (a page visible to all users of the website through which it is possible to support a particular fundraiser)

d. fill out the standard race registration form (declaring time, additional classifications, etc.)

3. After completing the registration, the participant receives an email with a link to their individual fundraising page.

4. Participants who accumulate at least 200.00 PLN in their fundraising account by February 28, 2024, receive a start number for the New Balance High Five Race 2024. The participant’s start cost is covered by the supported charitable organization.

5. The start number obtained in this way, along with the charitable race packet, for the New Balance High Five Race 2024 is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another participant or another race.

6. Fundraisings of individuals who have not reached the amount indicated in point 4 end on February 28, 2024, and the funds collected in this way are transferred according to point 8 of this regulation.

7. Fundraisings of individuals who have reached the amount indicated in point 4 of the regulations (or exceeded it) continue until April 5, 2024.

8. The collected funds, after deducting the costs of fees and commissions (related to online payments), are divided as follows:

a. 90% of the collected amount goes to the bank account of the chosen charitable organization.

b. 10% of the collected amount is allocated to maintain and develop the #BiegamDobrze campaign and statutory goals of the „Warsaw Marathon” Foundation.

9. This division occurs independently of the collected amount and achieving the goal indicated in point 4.

10. The participant may resign from further fundraising at any time and transfer their registration from the „charitable path” to the „traditional path” by selecting the appropriate option in their profile on the website https://rejestracja.maratonwarszawski.com/.

The funds collected earlier will be transferred to the designated organization in accordance with point 8.

11. A participant taking part in the „Biegam Dobrze” campaign, who has received the start number as mentioned in point 4, may order, in accordance with the regulations of the New Balance High Five Race 2024, a technical T-shirt, which must be paid for no later than March 5, 2024.

12. Participants of the „Biegam Dobrze” campaign are bound by the Regulations of the New Balance High Five Race 2024.


* change made February 21, 2024.