24 marca 2024 / March 24th, 2024


Chopin Airport

Most flights to Warsaw land at Chopin Airport (www.lotnisko-chopina.pl) about 10 km from the city centre.

You can reach the city centre by public transportation:
– bus number 175 runs to the centre and around the Old Town (Stare Miasto)
– bus numbers 148 and 188 run to the other side of the river, to Praga, Grochów and Gocław
– night bus number N32 runs to the city centre
– suburban train line S2, S3 or RL – more information
Transport tickets are required on all lines.

Warsaw Modlin Airport

Warsaw Modlin Airport (modlinairport.pl) is located around 35 km north-west from the city centre.

Access to the city from the airport:
By train

Koleje Mazowieckie trains depart from Modlin railway station, which can be reached by a special airport bus that leaves from the airport terminal at times coordinated with the train timetable. A special airport ticket that costs 19 PLN can be purchased in the airport terminal. More information
Estimated journey time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Visit https://warsawtour.pl/en/getting-to-warsaw/ to know more.