24 marca 2024 / March 24th, 2024

Nice To Fit You and Warsaw Marathon: Together on new routes!

24-01-2024 13:01

With joy, we announce that Nice To Fit You, a leading player in the meal box industry, is continuing and expanding its collaboration with the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation. Over the next two years, NTFY will be the official sponsor of our running events, including the September Mini Marathon in Warsaw.

Upcoming Running Events

The first joint event of the 2024 season will be the 18th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Half Marathon, taking place on March 24. After the summer break, Nice To Fit You will appear as the main sponsor of the Warsaw Ten and the 46th Nationale Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon, as well as for the first time as the main sponsor of the Mini Marathon for children and youth.

Shared Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

We are proud every time key partners extend and expand their collaboration with us. The past two years have been a period of dynamic development for the Foundation. The expansion of Nice To Fit You’s activities to sponsor children’s races adds even more dynamism to our relationship. This is confirmation not only of the enormous potential of this collaboration but also of the commitment to creating innovative and inspiring projects. The decision to extend the partnership for another two years is an important step for both parties and emphasizes our joint commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and a passion for running. We are ready for another run with Nice To Fit You, full of important moments for our participants – says Marek Tronina, President of the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation.

As stated by Nice To Fit You’s brand manager, Sylwia Ramos Wójcik, the collaboration with the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation is an important element in the brand’s strategy to support and motivate its customers to engage in physical activity and adopt healthier habits.

We want to encourage not only our customers but also everyone watching us to awaken the taste of a sporting passion and take care of themselves through movement and various sports activities. During the events of the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation, we will support both professionally trained runners and those engaging in this sport purely as amateurs. Runners have different goals, but the taste of achieved successes is always unique.

Additionally, Nice To Fit You aims to support runners by providing them with well-balanced meals.

Training for a half marathon and subsequent races is best done under the guidance of a professional trainer. However, when you need to balance it with professional work and personal life, there is often a lack of time for adequate nutrition, which is crucial in such preparations. That’s when our meal box with a properly balanced composition and meals becomes a great ally – comments Sylwia Ramos-Wójcik.

Special Promotion for Runners

Furthermore, as part of this collaboration, Nice To Fit You offers a special promotion: with the code “BIEG,” you will receive a 14% discount on meal box orders for a minimum of 14 days. It’s the perfect opportunity to take care of your nutrition and prepare for the upcoming races. The promotion runs until January 26, so don’t miss this unique opportunity!