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Confirm your participation in the run!

25-08-2021 07:08

Dear Runners,

If you made your registration and paid the entry fee before July 14th ( the date we announced a new date for the 15th Warsaw Half Marathon), be sure to read the following information!

We would like to thank all participants who completed the questionnaire confirming their participation in the run. However, there are participants that have not done so yet.

Although the time for resigning from participating in the run and getting a refund of fees was up on August 8th, you still have the opportunity to confirm your participation in the race on September 26, 2021, or to transfer the bib number to the next year’s 16th Warsaw Half Marathon without additional operational charges.

If you haven’t done it yet – log in to your profile on the REGISTRATION PAGE and fill in the participation form and (upon confirmation of participation) the vaccination status questionnaire. Both forms will appear on the screen automatically after logging in to your profile and will be available for you there until September 1st.


Those participants that confirm their willingness to participate in this year’s half marathon and fill in the vaccination status questionnaire will be able to choose a starting round (STARING ROUND SELECTION >>>).

Those who do not confirm their participation or  transfer their bib number to next year’s event will be treated as participants of the 15th Warsaw Half Marathon on September 26, 2021 and will be randomly allocated to one of the starting rounds.

Your timely responses will allow us to efficiently organize the run for you and other participants.


See you soon!

The FMW team