24 marca 2024 / March 24th, 2024

Race Day organisation

23-03-2024 20:03

Runner, familiarize yourself with the most important information regarding the start! You can find the full version of practical information for both races taking place on March 24, 2024, HERE >>> Plan your time before the start so that you don’t rush. Calmness before the competition will give you the chance to fully focus on the race.

Where and when do we start?

The races will take place on the penultimate Sunday of the month – March 24.

  • The New Balance High Five Race will start at 9:30 a.m.
  • The 18th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Half Marathon will start at 11:00 a.m.

Participants in wheelchairs with manual drive will start from the first line at:

  • 9:27 a.m. – New Balance High Five Race
  • 10:57 a.m. – 18th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Half Marathon

Both races start from the Poniatowski Bridge towards the city center.

  • The Half Marathon starts from the northbound lane (from the side of the PGE National Stadium), while the 5 km race starts from the southbound lane (from the side of Saski Kępa).
  • Each of the two races has a separate starting gate. The distance between both starting gates is approximately 100 meters.

Organizacja startu - 24 marca 2024

Joint entry to the start of the New BalanceHigh Five Race

ATTENTION! Runners participating in the New Balance High Five Race – stand at the designated start zone – check the graphic. Flags will be placed in your designated area – stand by the one that corresponds to your predicted result.

At the right moment, we will all walk together approximately 100 meters to the race start line. Follow the instructions of the race staff present in the zone.

Start zones for the 18th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Half Marathon

Half marathoners, remember to position yourselves in the appropriate time zone at the start. The zones at the start will be marked by flags. The color of the zone assigned to you corresponds to the designation in the corner of your start number.

Only the net time is counted in the results – from crossing the start line, so there is no need to rush immediately upon hearing the starter’s shot when standing at a greater distance from the line.

How to get to the Race Village and the start?

The number of parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the start is very limited. We encourage you to use public transportation on the race day. Parking at the PGE National Stadium grounds will not be available!

We recommend getting to the Stadion Narodowy metro station and walking from the PGE National Stadium grounds to the Race Village with bag deposits and to the race start (Poniatowski Bridge). From 9:45 to 10:15, the passage from the metro to the Race Village will take place via the footbridge over the New Balance High Five Race course – check the map of the area.

  • Car traffic over the Poniatowski Bridge will be suspended from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
  • In the vicinity of the stadium, tram traffic will be maintained between: Al. Waszyngtona – Al. Zieleniecka – ul. Targowa.

Is there free public transportation on the day of the race?

Based on a resolution of the Warsaw City Council, race participants can use public transportation in the 1st fare zone free of charge on the day of the race. Free rides apply to buses, trams, metro, and SKM trains. To use the free ride, you need to have your race number with you.

Metro cardboard tickets are available at the Race Office in the INFO point.

How do the deposits work?

The deposits will be located at the Runners’ Village on the PGE Narodowy surroundings. At the same location, before the race, you’ll drop off your belongings, and after the race, you’ll pick them up. Anything you want to leave in the deposit should be placed in a bag that you’ll receive along with your race number. You should then stick the sticker with your race number onto the bag – you’ll also receive it along with your race number.

The deposits will be placed in four halls – marked by sector and range of numbers. You should drop off your deposit in the hall marked accordingly – in accordance with the sector marking on your race number.

  • 8:30-11:00 – Operation of the deposits for the New Balance High Five Race
  • 9:00-15:30 – Operation of the deposits for the 18. Nationale-Nederlanden Półmaraton Warszawski.

To pick up your deposit after the finish line, you’ll need your race number.

In the event of a participant losing their race number, the Organizer is not liable for another person picking up the bag. Attention! It is forbidden to leave valuable items or documents in the deposit. The organizer is not responsible for valuable items left in the deposit.

Clothing at the start

All clothing left unattended in the start area (on the ground, barriers, etc.) will be collected immediately after the start and donated to charity. Do not leave clothing on the street that you intend to return to – in such a case, please use the deposit at the Runners’ Village.

Therefore, if you have a habit of putting on an extra layer of clothing before the start, we encourage you to wear a warmer layer of clothing over your running outfit that you won’t need later. Dispose of unnecessary clothing beyond the barriers – the Mazovian branch of the Polish Red Cross will collect and take care of them.