24 marca 2024 / March 24th, 2024

The effects of the actions of the “Rak’n’Roll Wygraj Życie” Foundation and the #BiegamDobrze campaign – check out what they have achieved!

29-01-2024 10:01

The “Rak’n’Roll Wygraj Życie” Foundation, thanks to everyone who participated in the #BiegamDobrze campaign, has created a beautiful and, above all, comfortable waiting room in the Oncology Clinic at the University Clinical Centre of the Warsaw Medical University!

In the same clinic, in the day chemotherapy room for several years, modern chemotherapy chairs, also purchased with funds collected in previous editions of the #BiegamDobrze campaign, have been faithfully serving patients.

The first patients are already benefiting from the clinic. This is the best example that your actions have incredible power! Thank you to the runners who participate in the charity run.

Huge thanks to everyone who has been involved in the campaign! If you want to join a group of runners who, together with their loved ones, contribute to the creation of such places, building a better, friendly world, and helping out – check out the charity path when registering for runs. You won’t regret it!