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Run for Unity with Ukraine

08-03-2022 11:03

Each of us can run for a good cause!

The Run for Unity with Ukraine is intended not only to express our solidarity and support, but also to bring real financial help to people affected by the war.

The event will be virtual, but each of you can run the distance individually, together with other people or during an organized race.

All your entry fees from this event will be transferred to the Polish Humanitarian Action, which conducts aid operations for people affected by the war in Ukraine. The event runs from February 28th to March 27th and all funds will be donated on an ongoing basis.

In order to allow 100% of your donations to support the goal – we decided not to produce medals or T-shirts, which would create unnecessary costs. Each of you will be able to download an individual certificate confirming your participation in the Run of Unity with Ukraine and your names will be displayed on the official list of results. Most importantly, your help will go to where it is most needed.


When registering for the run, you can choose one of three distances: 21.097 k, 10k or 5k.


Registration page >>


The entry fee for the run is a donation of PLN 50 which will be transferred in its entirety to the Polish Humanitarian Action.


From March 2nd, you will be able to download and print your starting numbers from your profile (after logging in on our website) in section “Your Runs”.


Starting on March 2nd you will be able to upload your running results on https://live.sts-timing.pl/bjzu/. There will also be a list of results available on the official website. We would like to thank STS Timing for supporting our initiative free of charge, which allows us to transfer all your donations to the needy.


Each participant of the event will be able to download a certificate confirming participation in the charity virtual run.

Take care of your physical and mental condition to be able to help others.

In 2022, the 16th Warsaw Half Marathon will be called the “Warsaw Peace Half Marathon”. Learn more about this initiative >>