24 marca 2024 / March 24th, 2024

OSHEE once again rises to the occasion, providing hydration support during our running events!

24-02-2024 10:02

OSHEE will be present at the following events: the 18th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Half Marathon, the Marathon Relay, the 46th Nationale-Nederlanden Warsaw Marathon, and accompanying races, providing hydration with a total of 77 000 liters of isotonic drinks! OSHEE isotonic drinks will become an indispensable companion for runners on the course, ensuring not only hydration but also supplying the body with essential minerals.

But that’s not all! We understand the importance of hydration before the race itself, which is why every participant will receive OSHEE isotonic drinks in their starter pack, guaranteeing perfect preparation for the competition.

We wish all the runners who have decided to take on the running challenges the best of luck! Thanks to OSHEE’s commitment, they are not just supported but fueled to achieve better results. Here’s to all runners for smooth kilometers, spectacular achievements, and unforgettable moments during this year’s running events!