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Choosing a starting round

25-08-2021 10:08

Dear Runners,

At 10:00 AM, August 25th the registration for starting rounds will commence. You will be able to choose your starting round if:

  • you’ve confirmed your participation in the run (refers to those signed up before July 14th)
  • you have previously filled out the vaccination status questionnaire, regardless of the answer you gave

If you haven’t done it yet – log in to your profile on the REGISTRATION PAGE and fill out the form that will appear on the screen automatically after logging in. The form is available for you there until September 1st.

In accordance with the current regulations: unvaccinated participants will be able to choose a round within the limit of 500 people per round (the order of applications decides), while vaccinated participants can choose starting rounds without any limit.

How to choose a starting round?

  1. Registration for the starting rounds will commence on August 25th and end on September 1st.
  2. Log in to the REGISTRATION page. The starting round selection form will appear automatically after logging in.
  3. Those participants that declared that they were fully vaccinated were automatically assigned to the first starting round at 12:00 PM (no need to choose your starting round then). However, those participants have an option to change their starting round.

– If you are fully vaccinated and you want to participate in the first round – there’s nothing else that you need to do


– If you want to sign up to a different starting round – log in to the REGISTRATION page, go to YOUR RUNS tab, click the DETAILS button next to the 15th Warsaw Half Marathon and edit the data.

  1. Those participants that do not take part in registration for starting rounds, will be randomly and irreversibly assigned to one of them on September 3rd.

The 15th Warsaw Half Marathon will be split into five starting rounds: at 12:00 PM (the main start), and then at 12:30 PM, 12:45 PM, 1:00 PM and 1:15 PM.

Your timely responses will allow us to efficiently organize the run for you and other participants.

See you soon!

The FMW team